MPQ-Software is not an official company, it's just a name for the collection of self-developed software i've made over the years. I have been developing small computer programs for more than 20 years,  but only a few of them were worth publishing. Looking for DOS Games? Click following link for my old website with links to DOS Games
n Butterfly Binairo

A variant on Binary Puzzles: Five overlapping binary puzzles in a so called 'butterfly' shape. The software comes with five puzzles for each of the four levels, but after free registration it is possible to generate more new puzzles for each level.
n Hit'm for Windows

Bingo simulation, once written in assembler for the DOS platform, but eventually converted for use under Windows with Visual Basic.
n MPQ Sudoku

Do you like Sudokus ? My Sudoku Solver comes with more than 50.000, divided in 9 difficulties.
n MPQ Sudoku 2

Extended version of MPQ Sudoku, with internal Sudoku Generator.
n Serious Sudoku

A stripped down version of MPQ Sudoku, less bundled sudoku's, less levels, but with internal Sudoku Generator.
n Binary Puzzle Corner

Unlimited Binairy Puzzle pleasure with MPQ's 'Binary Puzzle Corner'.
n Sudoku Generator & Uniqueness Test

A pattern based Sudoku generator. Can generate sudoku files for most popular solvers.
n Tree & Tent

The well known logical puzzle, with different formats (from 6x6 to 18x18) and build-in generator.
n MPQ's MP3 JukeBox - or - MP3 Player

My own MP3 Manager, CD Ripper , Player, MP3 Library Printer for Windows
Butterfly Binairo
Hit'm for Windows
MPQ Sudoku
MPQ Sudoku 2
Binary Puzzle Corner
Sudoku Generator
Tree and Tent
MPQ's MP3 JukeBox
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