MPQ Sudoku
MPQ Sudoku v1.5 (Januari 10, 2015)
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MPQ Sudoku is a Sudoku solver/helper program for the Windows platform.
Pointing Pair, BoxLine Reduction  - Medium
X-Wing, Swordfish, Multi-value X-Wing, Empty Rectangle - Crazy
It has the following build-in solving techniques covering eight difficulty levels:
Hidden Single,  Naked Single - Easy
XY-Wing, Two String Kite, Skyscraper, XYZ-Wing, Simple Coloring  - Insane
Naked Subsets, Hidden Subsets - Hard
Jellyfish, WXYZ-Wing, Multi Coloring, Finned X-Wing, Sue-de-Coq, Aligned Pair Exclusion, Unique Rectangle, Avoidable Rectangle, Extended Aligned Pair Exclusion, Short Nice Loops, Short Alternating Inference Chains - Kamikaze
Extended Aligned Triple Exclusion, Long Alternating Inference Chains, Bifurcation - Mayhem
XY-Chain, Aligned Triple Exclusion, Medium Alternating Inference Chains - Extreme
Sudokus not solvable by those techniques are rated to the extra "Outlaw" level.
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MPQ Sudoku...
...comes with over 50.000 sudokus to solve
...has some extended build-in hint functions
...has the ability to customize the Hint colors
...can import sudokus by different manners

Minimum 1024x768 screen setting required
Download "MPQ Sudoku" (6.1 Mb)